Personal Concept Art

With a Cherry on Top character line up  (wip), 2017

Bendi character Expression and Turn Around, 2017

CatFish!, Original, 2015

Cake Plane, Original, 2013

Bramble Berry Tales

Forest Concept, 2013

BBT Character Expression Asset Set, 2013 

Early Concept - Thomas and Lily's Room, 2012

Kitchen Colour Key/Study, 2012

Kalkalih Design and Model Sheet, 2013

Little People Character Studies/Development, 2012

Early Concepts - World Map and Environment Sketches, 2012 

Mooshum and Kookum's House Environment Concept, 2013

Early Concepts - Vinyl Toy Style, 2012

Early Concepts - Papercraft Animals, 2012

Sasquatch Designs, 2012

Early Concepts - Style Exploration, 2012 

Early Thomas and Lily Character Exploration, 2012

Early Lily and Thomas Character Exploration, 2012

Various Design Exercises 2010-2011

SkyHigh Cartoon Concepts, 2011

Space Guns (based on the style of Slugterra), 2011

Fairy House, 2011

Birds, 2011 

Neon Ocean, 2011

Knowledge Kids 2011 

Various Campfire Tales Character and Background Designs (*note interface not done by me) - More shown on Knowledge Kids Website, 2011

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